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When the cull is in progress Wounded Badger Patrols are  out every night in the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire cull zones. If you join a patrol you will be able to stay for as long as you want with some people staying out all night. Every person out there makes a difference.


On foot

Every night we will have Wounded Badger Patrols which walk around the public footpaths and roads looking for wounded badgers. These patrols are co-ordinated by local people who know the footpaths. You can stay on patrol for as long as you like. Some patrols go on long into the night but others finish after a few hours.  


Please bring warm, waterproof clothes and footwear as well as a torch.  We have some WBP high-viz for sale at £10 each or you can wear your own.  Water and something to eat is a good idea.  Please double check that you don’t have swiss army knives, a leatherman or anything else with you that could be misinterpreted.


If you don't feel you can go out walking on patrol but could stay with the cars whilst people are out do join patrols and let them know that you're happy to stay with the car as this will be a real help.


By Car

We have routes that you can drive in order to look out for wounded animals.  This can be done at your own pace and provides a backup to our patrollers who are on foot.


Evening Sett Monitors

Where we are aware of large setts where we think the badgers are vulnerable, we have people monitoring those setts for long periods of the night looking for wounded badgers. This involves a lot less walking and driving than the evening patrols but this is a vital role in helping to save our badgers. If you think you'd be able to spend some time focused around a particular sett that is vulnerable in anytime between dusk and dawn then please contact us.


Young People on night patrols

We have many supporters with young children and have found that some have become anxious whilst out on night patrols. We would not want them to have unsettling experiences and ask parents to consider this and leave young people at home unless they are of a suitable age. We do not think patrols are suitable for young people under 16 years of age.


Dogs on night patrols

Dogs (even on leads) tend to be unpopular with farmers so are better left at home if you come out patrolling in the evening.  However, if you are a dog walker during the day time then it's an ideal time to keep an eye open for any signs of activity around your local badger setts.


Thank you very much, we wish we didn’t have to see you in these circumstances but we really appreciate your support.

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